Apr 202014
Jannatul Ferdous Peya, a Bangladeshi model and film actress who gained most familiarity outside the country in recent times. She got successes in some international competition. Peya is among the talks of people now for her acting in recently released movie ‘Chorabali’.
Jannatul Ferdous Peya Biography

Bangladeshi Model and Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya

Peya’s Birth and Education:

Jannatul Ferdous Peya was born in Khulna and is studying in London College of Legal Studies. Her future plan is to participate in the national politics. Grandmother and maternal aunts call her ‘Peu’ at home and he father affectionately calls her ‘Peurani’.
Jannatul Ferdous Peya Biography

Peya’s  Modeling career:

Bangladeshi Model Jannatul Ferdous Peya started her modeling career in 2008 after she won the title of ‘Miss Bangladesh’ in 2007.

Jannatul Ferdous Peya Biography

Peya’s Drama career:

She has so far acted in several drama such as, ‘To be or not to be’ by Partho Sharkar, ‘Projapotir Shukh Dukkho’ by Raju Alim etc.
Model and Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya

Peya’s Movie career:

Bangladeshi model and actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya‘s first debut movie name is ‘Chorabali’ directed by Redwan Rony after that she performs is Gangster return with apurbo and probashir prem with Nirob.
Model and Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya

Peya’s Recognition:

Jannatul Ferdous Peya received nomination for best actress in ‘Meril Prothom Alo, in 2012’.

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Apr 192014
Bangladesh players to consult psychologist
Shamsur Rahman's offstump is sent for a cartwheel, Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Asia Cup, Fatullah, March 1, 2014
Bangladesh’s home season included a defeat to Afghanistan in the Asia Cup © AFP

Bangladesh’s senior players will have three sessions with a psychological skill development coach later this month. The BCB is also looking to hire short-term specialist coaches for all age groups to rectify specific problems in batting and spin bowling.

Bangladesh’s recent poor form had prompted this move. They had won only two T20s and drawn a Test match against Sri Lanka since January, during one of their busiest and most high-profile seasons. Defeats to Afghanistan in the Asia Cup and Hong Kong in the World T20 were the low points.

BCB chief Nazmul Hassan has said that apart from speaking to prospective coaches, he has agreed to hire Ali Khan, a psychological skill development coach. He will have sessions with the Bangladesh players on April 24, 27 and 28.

“We are looking for spin and batting coaches,” Hassan said. “Yesterday I gave the approval for a psychologist. Our team did well but just after losing to Afghanistan, their morale broke down. The same thing happened after losing to Hong Kong. Previously, we used to fight even after losing.

“We want to keep the head coach and the rest of the coaching staff, but at the same time we want to hire top ex-players to do some specialist camps for all ages, kids and seniors. These are in addition to the regular coaching system.”

Hassan added that Saqlain Mushtaq‘s plan to be with the Bangladesh team only during tours was not feasible for the BCB. Saqlain, the former Pakistan offspinner, was hired for 100 days last year but he has since joined West Indies as their assistant coach, and his last stint as Bangladesh’s spin consultant was during the Zimbabwe tour last year.

“It is hard to get a good coach. Saqlain Mushtaq was available but he said he wants to coach the team when they are on tour. What will he coach during a tour? He won’t come to Bangladesh, which is a big problem,” he said.

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